Mercedes-Benz Test Drive


Any motor retailer will tell you that it’s test drives that sell cars. Get a bum on a seat (bum as in the English version, not as in Redneck from the USA) and you will have the best chance of selling it. The challenge that our friends at BI came to us with for their client Mercedes-Benz was that there was way too much inconsistency about all elements of the test drive process. Car sales guys are a tough audience – they don’t take too kindly to people ‘selling’ them something or questioning their brilliance. Good job we know what we’re doing then.


Don’t patronise, be helpful, load with practical hints and tips and make it realistic. Easy huh? Oh, and aim high – let’s deliver the perfect test drive experience (and…sell more cars). User Point of View films are nothing revolutionary but the head-cam rig we used for this films was – strong necks required, and back it up with on-brand graphics. Always remember that film is a ‘digital thing’ and could fall into a customers hands – so despite it being branded ‘internal’ make it look like a Mercedes-Benz standard product.


A short and snappy film that followed the life cycle of one test drive. As our business is all about glamorous locations we shot in the (utterly brilliantly helpful) Swindon Mercedes-Benz retailer – where the sun shone all day. Much tea was drunk – in fact, our runner Yan made several cups for customers as well as crew. Whatever it takes to create a happy client.

PROJECTMercedes-Benz Test Drive