General Managers Conference.
Sydney. Toughest gig of the year. Here’s the view.
Don’t take this shot as entirely representative - apparently there were fewer clouds when we were there. And some G&T’s on the tables. And bowls of Dorritos (the cheesy ones). By ‘we’ I mean Mr Michael ‘Chairman of Juice and global facilitating gun for hire assuming it’s somewhere sunny and I can fly club’ Tansey. Meanwhile Jules (and Juice team) who had spent 9 long months slaving over the delivery of all the learning materials for this senior management meeting got to stay at home in equally glamorous Faringdon, recovering from the creation of a fiendishly clever virtual interactive hotel for a pretty demanding and important 350 strong audience. All in nice suits. Huge success all round, we kept them busy and we were awarded 99.5% approval at the end of the conference. The Juice Chairman hasn’t been seen since – we are assuming he is on a worldwide search (starting with the weather hotspots wearing only a pair of Speedos) to find that 0.5% and have a little chat.


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