We are makers with opinions. Really good at the making (award-winning, creative, challenging, all that usual agency guff). Occasionally, the opinions are a bit shaky but if you’re reading this as a client, prospective client or lapsed client (actually we don’t really have any of those) you’re welcome to help us with that.*

The story is simple. In 2001 a small cheap car was exchanged for a MacBook laptop (white, oddly) and one of those gigantic and unreliable printer/fax things. We made a film for Castrol. We tried to fax them an invoice and they liked it (the film). They’re still a client. Lovely.

Within a year or so we had two laptops, something called an ISDN line, and had moved out of the spare bedroom into something called ‘an office’. We bought our first ‘proper’ edit suite (eBay, heart them) and it became very clear that our clients (by this stage, nice people like WilliamsF1, Nationwide and Grass Roots) would buy other things from us if we pretended we knew how to make them. We tried not to look surprised. Facial hair is made for stroking and looking wise.

Juice Too was born (seemed like clever branding at the time) and behold we were a design and digital business too. By now we had two little offices (we’d gone global – within 100m of each other), a cleaner, and had employed our first girl and so learnt to close the toilet door.

Eventually Juice Too was absorbed into Juice as we realised we didn’t know what to say when the phone rang. We moved into our new home with four toilets (restrooms American people) and room to grow. And we have. Slowly but surely with the same core clients and an increasingly clever and hungry team. Good job we bake bread every day and have cake on Fridays.

*Oh, and ideally the paying bit please. If however you’re the bank manager or someone who wants us to buy a franking machine, go away.