A Christmas forest is for life….

Last year we might have committed to not doing it again. Yes, the slightly weary, charity-driven Juice Christmas initiative. Never again we said. Hopefully. And yes, here we are in Remarkable Year #2. Really sorry about that.

With so much ‘need’ out there it was finally decided that without a planet we can comfortably exist on everything else pretty much kind of pales. So with the help of our friends (and client) The National Trust we are committing to planting a tree for every invoice we send out in 2022. Or rather we are asking them to. We are a bit busy to be digging away in our Hunter wellies with a fork from the office cutlery drawer – plus we don’t own any land although we do have a veg planter out the back at Juice Towers, excellent for herbs, not so much for mighty oaks. We hope we can plant at least 500 trees between us. That’s many. A small Juice forest (or at least a nice copse, a thicket or maybe a clump). Munching CO2 every day.

So this next year every invoice we send is actually a tree in disguise.

Make us busier. Plant more trees. A nicer planet. Simple. And stay safe.

Happy Christmas.