Being bothered

We believe in being bothered. We listen and make an effort. And because we do, we will create outstanding film, animation and digital content that connects with your audience in the right way at the right time. We live in a really beautiful barn in an impossibly big field in Oxfordshire where we have everything you could possibly need to change the thinking and behaviour of your audience.

Being brave

We believe in collaboration, we push boundaries, innovating all the time to get to the heart of your challenges. We will ask you a lot of questions, and we believe in experience, insight and debate. We have opinions and believe bravery will bring you a better result. We don’t flap, but we do disrupt.

Delivering on our promises

We believe it’s about delivery too and have platforms we’ve built to guarantee you’ll get what we made to the right minds. We are ambitious for your content, wherever it goes. We tell stories, join dots, build sustained change, provoke and persuade. And, we believe you’ll like it once you’ve found us.


We pretended we had an office

A small cheap car was swapped for a MacBook laptop and a gigantic, unreliable printer/fax thing. We made a film for Castrol using a skateboard as a tracking vehicle.'01

Doubled our laptop ‘stock’...

Installed an ISDN line into a real, if ‘spare toilet sized’ office.'02

Bought our first ‘proper’ edit suite (eBay rocks)...

It became very clear that our clients (real people like Williams F1 and Nationwide) would buy other things from us if we appeared to know how to make them'03

Requests for digital and web work ensued...

Our films needed a place to live. We stroked our beards and looked wise. BOOM! We became an interactive agency. Employing our first girl, we fitted a toilet door. Progress.'05

Moved into our new home across the farmyard...

The new office, just ten times larger than the last one. The bank manager encouraged us saying ‘you’ll go bust’. We didn’t. Rude.'09

We got a new bookkeeper...

We spent the whole of one years profit on a ‘café standard’ coffee machine. Our bookkeeper questioned the sense of it. We got a new bookkeeper. Some things are non-negotiable.'11

We were already really clever...

We are truly self-professed experts in Internal Comms and have quietly morphed into a ‘Strategic Creative Agency’, which sounds as if we’ve become insufferably self-important. This is not true, we were already really clever. Invoice in the post (Email actually).'15

Slowly but surely...

And my, how we’ve grown… slowly but surely, with the same core clients and an increasingly clever and hungry team (in every sense of the word). Good job we have cake on Fridays.'17

Let's work together!

Come to see us and marvel at our independent coffee-shop quality machinery and honed barista skills. Maybe sit back and contemplate for a moment… if we take such obsessive care over our coffee imagine what our passion, expertise and attention to detail could do for you. We should be in a travel guidebook really.