Alphabet Virtual Tour


Alphabet (the BMW owned one, not the parent company of Google just for clarity – brand squatters that they are) recently moved into swanky new offices in Farnborough, which are both very white, and, pretty much impossible to navigate yourself around (we know this as it’s where BMW lived for a bit and we could never find anyone). Anyway, they wanted to create a cool, personalised and on-brand experience for visitors to their offices. Obviously they called us. We know ‘cool’ and ‘offices’ having one ourselves. 

Communicating the people and experience behind the job titles


Who wants a printed map of people and their locations which goes out of date in ten minutes (assuming everyone is at tea break for at least nine of those ten  minutes). Dull, curly-edged and useless. We wanted to not only de-mystify the office, but bring the people of Alphabet out from behind their job titles. We wanted it to be used pre, during and post visit, and allow the user to take a virtual tour of the whole big, white, shiny, place. 


A totally personalised digital companion usable on iPad or smart phone from which a link to a tour can be emailed to customer prior to arrival – taking them through their virtual visit It provides key information on the Alphabet teams and individuals and departments – with the user even choosing who to virtually ‘meet’. Completely updatable for Alphabet themselves to keep key contact/department structures up to date.