Arriva UK Bus approached us to bring their induction training for new drivers online, to ensure delivery of a consistent and measurable learning experience across all UK regions. New drivers currently undergo 3 weeks of training. The current learning programme (which includes driving, classroom sessions and a hefty manual to get to grips with) has a limited instructor:driver ratio, so it’s a challenge to measure learner progress and ensure that every learner gets the support he or she needs.


To create a blended learning experience for new Arriva drivers, underpinned by an online programme that learners could access anytime, anywhere from any device. Drivers can work through the modules at their own pace within their 3-week training period. Instructors are able to track the progress of each individual in realtime so that they can offer guidance, support and feedback effectively whilst checking for understanding along the learning journey.


The Arriva Driver Academy Programme, a fully responsive device-agnostic eLearning programme accessed via a dedicated Learning Management System. The learning was arranged around three key topics, Trusted Driver, Trusted Driving and Trusted Vehicle, and featured bite-size video content shot by our in-house team. Film included a mixture of interviews with current Arriva drivers and instructors to bring to life important issues, such as how to manage stress on the job and how to undertake effective walk-around checks and key manoeuvres. We used knowledge checks at the end of each module to allow learners to earn a number of badges. This increased engagement and the sense of achievement. We also introduced a scored quiz at the end of the programme to ensure that all drivers begin their career as a Trusted Arriva bus driver at a consistent level of understanding.