Arriva Hidden Impact


Arriva knew they had a problem of accident perception. Their bus drivers, as highly trained and experienced as the majority of them are, had little appreciation of the full impact of incidents or near misses, which aside from personal injury and property damage, frequently led to huge, uninsurable payouts and significant losses in reputation. This, we knew, was a tough audience to reach both physically and emotionally.


With this tricky-to-reach audience we needed to be flexible and deliver various elements that could be used in different ways – the world might imagine everyone is digital, but a simplistic solution would have missed the mark. We needed the drivers to understand, and care, so developed a training programme to ensure that they understood the full, hidden, impact and how to deal with them when they happened.


Several different mechanisms were used. The face-to-face training course included a facilitator presentation, video re-enactments were shot of a couple of real-life incidents that had major impact on both drivers and members of the public, and, not for the first time we created a board game as a focus during the learning sessions. 

'On the way home I was smiling ear to ear... absolutely blown away with what you have put together. Brilliant. Thanks again.'

Lynne Beale, Arriva.