BMW Individual


As the name implies, BMW Individual is a little-promoted but super-snazzy series of personalisation options to make your, potentially rather look-alikey BMW stand out from all the other ones in your street. This was one of those classic problems where the sales team and the prospects need, basically, the same information to make an informed decision. We started with paint, and the almost innumerable options – which are basically impossible to demonstrate in the flesh and which had previously been done with tiny slabs of painted metal that kept getting lost in the back of drawers.


It had to be digital as it gave us the ultimate in flexibility – easy for BMW themselves to update and modify as and when things change, and deliverable through our LaunchPad platform in the network as well as on the UK website.  The budget wasn’t there to allow us to shoot all the cars in all the colours so we had to come up clever ways of showing the end result without took much fake-digital trickery.


A stunning interactive tool that simplifies the process of showcasing BMW Individual paint, identifying which models it is available on and clarifying the costs for both customers and retailers.  Developed ‘Mobile Up’ it delivers a rich and rewarding experience for the end user. Job. Done. And very pretty too.