BMW LaunchPad


Now and again we are quite opinionated. Nothing, maybe aside from running out of the finest wood roasted coffee beans, really irritates us more than ‘classic’ creative agency behaviour – taking clients money to make stuff, but then having no clue how that stuff is delivered to the end user and caring even less. Juice, powered by coffee, has always been about both – making and delivering. Creating stuff for BMW is thrilling, but we (and they) felt quickly, that the quality of content being produced needed a proper platform to deliver it quickly and effectively into the hands of the users.


Lovely as it is to sit in the office and pontificate about our brilliance, we knew user engagement was key, so we went on a road trip speaking to all levels of employee in the BMW retailer network so as to ensure we understood their requirements fully. We combined these insights with those of BMW HQ to shape an approach to deliver product information quickly and effectively. Our aim was simple – deliver a mobile-up comms platform, accessible from anywhere, updatable instantly, with full reporting and analytics so we could learn what content worked. The Juice Geeks loved us – especially when we mumbled ‘4 months to pilot’.


BMW LaunchPad, a web-app providing rich media, film, web and PDF content to support the retailer network. LaunchPad has become the one-stop place that the network engages with – every day (yes, they do log in on Christmas day). Updated constantly and quickly the platform houses key product information and customer facing and shareable content, as well as being adopted by pretty much all other BMW UK departments. With the inclusion of advanced reporting for the first time, BMW have a clear insight into which content is being viewed, when and by whom, thus guiding our creation process. Bang 4 Buck ™.