BMW M Performance


Some would say that a BMW is beautiful enough and needs no additional styling, but a wise man once said, ‘art is never finished, only abandoned’. BMW’s fantastic range of ‘M Performance’ accessories has very little profile. The client asked for some specific social films to raise both awareness and excitement over the range.


We love that wise man, so with his blessing, we took three fantastic 4 Series and properly kitted them out with BMW M Performance Accessories, dropped them in an awesome location and put a dazzling, sleep-deprived crew to work. Two long nights later, a quick spin around the edit suite, no amends from the client (that’s brand knowledge for you) and the films were off into the grateful arms of BMW enthusiasts around the globe.


Very much ‘on-brand’ films that captured the interest of a discerning audience and drove sales. The locations were carefully selected to ‘fit’ M – a bunch of driving shots around London was not enough – hence the brilliant shots from the location under the arches in East London. Spot where the lighting guys had a nice time.

PROJECTBMW M Performance

'The M Performance stuff is sick!'