BMW Media Player


Keeping on brand, relevant and timely high-quality content on multiple screens in a retail environment is a tough gig – Tesco ripped all their screens out when they couldn’t manage it. The low point for us was when we saw someone doing their supermarket shop on a big screen in a BMW dealership. Oh yes they did. Milk, cheese, eggs, toilet rolls…


BMW were producing some great content (much of it ours actually) but we knew we had to deliver a solution that was flexible, easily accessible and wasn’t reliant on retailers investing much hard cash. So, we talked to the network, BMW IT and worked to gain a good understanding of what the retailer requirements were, devising a solution that would use as much of their current set-up as possible and would be super-quick to deploy.


BMW Media Player we believe is a global first Apple TV App that provides a quick and simple way to stream films to all large screen displays in showrooms. Content is delivered to retailers via a cloud connection and stored on a small local server which downloads the model channel content overnight. Using a digital remote, accessed via tablet, desktop or Apple TVOS users have total flexibility over what content is streamed to what screens – and the dream of having film available the day a car is launched has been realised.