BMW MOT Protect


No one wants the bother of a pesky MOT when you buy a shiny if slightly used car from a renowned retailer. Buy a motor from a backstreet ‘under the arches’ kind of guy you would know it’s dodgy and likely to have been made from several different vehicles, but the experience in a shiny BMW showroom should be rather different. MOT Protect sounds properly boring and doesn’t really explain anything. Explain it and make it interesting was the brief.


We needed something that had longevity – BMW has a habit of updating their cars every few months so filming would have been a stupid idea – and there was no existing material. Animation was the answer with easily modified on-screen text as and when things changed. Best to watch it really as I don’t think you want to read about what it is here do you?


We created both BMW and MINI versions using 3D animation.  Concept, storyboarding, scripting, motion graphics all done in house by our awesome team! Designed to be sent to customers as well as played in showrooms – happily they loved it so much it soon appeared on and social channels.