BMW Podium


BMW are always looking for ways to improve the retail environment in their dealer network. After all, as a punter you’re spending a whole load of cash on a premium product, the experience should be a coolly sophisticated one. So, having a curly edged piece of paper stuck on a glass stand next to a car detailing its specification and prices hardly helped that aim. With the help of our extensive contacts in the network (we have a simple view, they sell the cars every day so probably know what they are talking about) we also quickly discovered that just the creation of these sheets was painful and time consuming. Oh, and the spelling was usually dire too.


As ever, we wanted to ensure our solution was affordable, both in terms of the geeky programming, but critically for the dealers in hardware costs as ultimately it was the buy-in we would need to deliver what we had made. iPad next to Cars was born (and quickly renamed BMW Podium for snappy legal reasons. As part of our requirements phase we hosted workshops with BMW Geniuses (the typically young guys who work in the showrooms and look after all this sort of stuff) to agree the amount and type of content required to support the human-based sales process, rather than replace it.


BMW Podium, a semi-native web app that enables a retailer to display any
BMW vehicle data by entering the Vehicle Identification Number. Podium shows specifications, economy, pricing, finance and video content, whilst acting as a digital display tool, cycling through promoted BMW features and options when idle. Literally about 20 times quicker than creating it on a piece of paper Podium is always 100% accurate (unlike humans) – such that one retailer group reckoned it paid for itself in a few weeks.