BMW i3 - Testimonials


The BMW i3 is basically brilliant. So brilliant in fact that we own one here at Juice – and we are fussy so-and-so’s. Thing is, we know that, but sales seem to indicate that there’s a persuasion job to be done despite the fact that the electric revolution was launched by BMW in 2013. Selling cars hasn’t really changed for years – partly because the means of propulsion is understood and holds little fear for Mr and Mrs Average. Massive posters alongside the A4 (elevated section) are fine but rarely persuade anyone of anything – we needed detail and user stories.


The funny thing is, despite the widely held scepticism around electric cars, when you talk to the owners (not just us) they LOVE them. Leaving aside the ‘eco-warrior’ benefits, you get no more hanging around petrol stations and being pressurised into a BOGOF deal on Maltesers, alongside an incredible driving experience. So, it wasn’t hard to find the evangelists to tell their real-life stories.


Working closely with the retailer network we found 4 BMW i3 owners. We popped them in their car with a camera and sound man and asked them to tell us a bit about the day to day journeys they do and how they feel about their car. No scripts or prompts required they all spoke passionately about how much they loved the vehicle. Shot on the fly, but to the standards, BMW should exude, we ensured we had the coverage to create a series of long and short form videos for social media; YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Stories which directed you to

PROJECTBMW i3 - Testimonials

'Alex and the team at Juice worked endlessly to ensure our project objectives were very thoroughly fulfilled and the end result was a beautiful quality set of short films which we are delighted with and have generated heaps of positive feedback.'

Sophie Chiappe, BMW.