BMW Winter Tyres


Boring. Tyres. Really. But. They are kind of handy if you want to stay on the road – especially in the winter. Every year…here we go again, pictures of BMWs going sideways down hills whilst pensioner in Fiesta goes sailing on by. So. BMW Aftersales approached us with the challenging brief to not only sell more winter tyres but explain the technology behind them.


It needs some thought to show the benefits of winter tyres without showing equally the ‘dangers’ of driving without them. The last thing we felt it needed was film or BMWs going uncontrollably sideways down hills – you can rely on TV news for that. With a summer brief anyway, we would have had to travel far away to find some snow (or the Milton Keynes Snowdome) so whilst film was the answer, it was never going to be chilly. Oh, and they asked for a MINI version too.


No one is going to believe that the end result is exciting – but – and it’s a large snowy but – we created a smart combination of surprisingly technical 3D animation (there was a lot of measuring and practising in the Juice car park) and studio ‘live action’ filming that detailed the reasons why winter tyres (on sale at your local BMW retailer where they will also store your summer set) actually are quite astonishingly effective. Next time you see pictures of BMWs epically failing in the snow, it’s probably old library footage.