BP Technology


Explain BP. Yep, pretty much that was the challenge. How come we get ones like this? Hey ho. It has to be said we are regular customers of their finest fuels (well, we were until we discovered the BMW i3) so the chance to liberate some cash back the other way was something we were happy to embrace.


They’ve probably had their fill of talking head films at BP. In fact, we know they have, as we’ve shot a few over the years. It’s a pretty complicated story as you might imagine – especially as they wanted to explain their use of highly complex technology in their business. The minute you hear ‘highly complex’ it usually means, indecipherable. Animation, and some fun was clearly the answer.


A short, snappy, highly watchable animation that could be used all over the place. And was. Which is nice. And now even we understand how BP uses technology – and we’re not that clever (at least around oil extraction).

PROJECTBP Technology

'The animation was published a couple of weeks ago through various channels and is proving to be very popular. So, thanks again for creating a great product, ­very impressed with the team.'

Steve Shaw, BP