A not unusual challenge for us in the respect that the tendency for large businesses to ‘fire and forget’ initiatives is all too well known. Our long-term friends at Hotel Indigo (we were there from the very beginning of this cool IHG brand) had successfully launched a strong service delivery programme, but within 6 months, it showed every sign of dropping off the day-today radar with the hotels and regions. We bang on about sustainment all the time so when the team approached us to find ways to re-open the conversation, and make the most of their initial investment, we were chuffed.


Sometimes a newsletter is the answer, not everything has to be in virtual reality whatever those that sell VR might tell you. The newsletter has regular slots and highlights key elements of service delivery, staff member of the month, guest stories, and shares top tips and best practice.


We’ve been sending out monthly newsletters for over 5 years now, and we’re still going strong with consistently increased, provable engagement (love a bit of data analysis). A cost and time effective solution – that’s sustainment in action!