IHG Pace


The first challenge was arguably the hardest – answer the phone to Procurement without feeling nervous. Once we had got over that and realised that actually they were universally lovely people who just wanted more friends the whole thing became easier. The next was easier – helping the thousands of colleagues who use the new on-line procurement platform understand it, embrace it and ideally almost love it.


There are few businesses where the Procurement department are first on the Christmas party list – but the IHG team really wanted to reset their relationship with those who traditionally had probably tried to work around it, rather than with it. So we needed to appeal to heads and hearts – not only helping with the technicalities of the new system, but also changing perceptions of the whole department to one of helpful expertise which could reduce the stress of finding and working with key suppliers.


Pretty much created a ‘brand’ for the team using a vividly coloured animation with voice over and a learning programme delivered on the IHG LMS. Surprising, helpful and fun – we used the IHG brand palette (there’s a lot of mango) throughout – the client loved it so much that it is being used on further collateral to promote the system. As with all good projects, this is an organic one so we are currently working on a 2017 update.