IHG eLearning


Hotel operations and finances are managed by General Managers and other Department Heads, some of whom, whilst brilliant at the ‘being nice to guests bit’ commonly have no specific financial training or knowledge. The Finance Team at IHG HQ had developed a very clever tool called “Target Gross Operating Profit” (OK, we might have encouraged a snappier title given the chance) to enable GMs to manage their hotel budgets more efficiently, but…


It had to be a digital solution with an audience as diverse and geographically spread as this. TGOP has a potentially massive impact so it needed to ‘land’ with the users in a simple, memorable and most importantly actionable way.


We used clear graphics, simple analogies (like bars of soap and cups of coffee – both of which there are lot of in hotels) and a friendly virtual “TGOP Coach” to bring the financials to life and give people something to watch whenever they need a reminder. With over 5000 people quickly through the training, feedback has been very positive (gotta bear in mind, it’s hardly a dazzling) subject…