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A real tough one. The L&G call-centre teams deal with a vast volume of calls, every one of which needs personal, caring attention, not a scripted response. We were challenged to come up with a solution that would act as a simple but hard-hitting tool to remind these members of staff that the people they were dealing with weren’t just another ticket, but were dealing with genuine issues. For many, even picking up the phone to call was immeasurably difficult.


Pure, unadulterated emotional video overload.
 We pulled no punches in reminding staff that in reality, they have little idea what the person on the other end of the phone is going through. We created a narrative that sailed a close line between believable and damn near Oscar-bait to really drive the point home and coupled it with simply crafted shots that showed a suggestion of what the script was describing.


An award-winning series of three films that focused on Jack’s story. Having recently separated from his wife, as a result of which Jack had lost custody of his child. Then came the cancer diagnosis. All based on a real story. The visuals were kept super-simple and lightly hinted at the environment Jack was surrounded by in order to not detract from the script.
The films were then narrated by Jack to add a real personal touch.

PROJECTEveryday Matters
CLIENTLegal and General

'Juice helped me and my client do what often seems impossible – make something beautiful and emotionally compelling out of a small budget. Yet again, you’ve surpassed my expectations.'

Murray Furlong, Hemsley Fraser.