McLaren HDK


OK, so who wouldn’t love a brief like this?…’Please create content to launch the McLaren High Downforce Kit for the 570S Coupé and Spider – developed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) for the Aftersales team in Woking’. Yes, we are available for that. With the support and encouragement of the Aftersales team we saw this as an opportunity to set a new marketing campaign benchmark, promote the profile of the Aftersales team, whilst also raising awareness of McLaren Genuine Accessories and crucially, selling a lot of carbon fibre downforce kits.


The only way to see the HDK in action, on a supercar, has to be a film, on a fast track, with all the right gear and crew – surely?! No need to be clever, just be brilliant. We took the car to Glorious Goodwood and true to its name, we were blessed with fabulous weather (it was October – we might have gone a little ‘over-the-top’ with the golden leaves). We took a stills photographer along too to create a series of track side images for social use.


We were able to create a series of long and short versions for multiple platform use. The film received over 230,000 views on Instagram in the first week, with the still images adding another 60,000 views. The motoring press were all over it too, these are images from our shoot.

PROJECTMcLaren High Downforce Kit