MINI Condition Based Servicing


CBS is not the TV channel in the USA. Actually, strictly speaking, that’s not true. As it strictly speaking it is. But the challenge was not to launch a MINI version of it. It was to explain to an eager consumer what Condition Based Servicing is. For your MINI. The clue is kind of in the title but that didn’t help anyone understand it.


MINI is an ‘animation friendly’ brand, obviously. And we have a history of making them do fun things like loop the loop and the like with no dents or road kill. Like their BMW cousins, MINI are forever visually tweaking (aka improving) their vehicles so we got our pens out and started drawing.


Something that explains the intricacies of the CBS system, is highly watchable, has longevity. Watch, learn and enjoy. Or else we have failed. Which happily the client didn’t think we did (and they know best).

PROJECTMINI - Condition Based Servicing