MINI Tech Hub


Do you understand the technology in your car? Nope, thought not. Although our esteemed Project Director Toby does, but then he has a 20 year old Skoda in which the only thing electronic are the headlights. If you had to sell the benefits of the technology to customers who probably know more than you, then things get even harder. That’s pretty much the way it is across almost all car brands these days. And…there’s money to be made if you up-sell your customers to the right technologies. That tends to focus minds on doing it better.


We had already built the go-to communications platform for MINI (LaunchPad) on which we had demonstrably great retailer network engagement so using that as a basis was a given. We also know from the analytics that the use of video and animation as a means of explaining technology was viewed positively by customers and sales teams alike, so we shot some, reused and re-edited whatever we could get our hands on, and, in extremis, uploaded some imagery!


A mobile up, completely customer shareable interactive tool that sits on MINI LaunchPad and has become the go-to knowledge base for MINI Retailers. Technology Hub Clearly differentiates differences in technologies between models and the options packages available. Shared many thousands of times with MINI prospects, the system is easy to navigate, comes complete with human-friendly terminology to explain the technology – and why you MUST have it. Oh, and the CMS behind the scenes is fiendishly clever, allowing it to be updated in seconds. Without a geek.