MINI Packs


MINI Packs. Cool names (like Chili and Pepper). Confused salesmen. Confused customers. Missed sales opportunities. Unhappy bosses. Cars that don’t look as cool as they should. This last bit is especially bad, borderline offensive.


Make a super cool series of films – bristlingly ‘on-brand’ films that both promote the product benefits to the customers, but train, by stealth, the sales guys (who in some cases might not know as much as they should). Oh, and by the way (said MINI), we have a new corporate identity that is so new no one really knows the rules, but make it right, please.


Watch one of the films and marvel at the fact that it was shot in one of the less glamorous parts of suburban Birmingham. That is what you get with great pre-production and insider knowledge – the coolest artists warehouse in the UK – we shot there the week before Spielberg (yes, that one). A small, if cool, space, a lot of cars, a lot of detail, not much time and yes, some more budget would have been nice. 8 films later all signed off all over social media, client happy, no changes and the Japanese asked for them too 😉