Nationwide Flex Plus


Bank accounts are boring? Right? I mean, it kind of is. Perhaps unless you are a banker. Being a Building Society is different and means you can try to punch above your weight with what you offer your customers. However much your customers love you (and generally Nationwide customers really do) launching a new account is still a tough one.


We love working for Nationwide they were probably the first company (certainly in Swindon, urgh) to have an in-house Starbucks. And it was subsidised. And we had contractor passes which meant we could just wander in whenever we liked. We did find that slightly exciting, embarrassingly. Even more embarrassingly we probably still do. Anyway, animation, ideally visually engaging, was the answer.


What you can see here – a really fun animation internally launching their new savings products, and not mentioning their subsidised coffee at all (which is now Benugo, even more exotic for Swindon).

PROJECTNationwide Flex Plus