NG Bailey are the largest independent engineering, IT and facilities services company in the UK. As a new employee, the induction to NG Bailey was very much dependent on the role, location and line manager. The existing programme was considered inconsistent, expensive, resource-hungry and not scalable. However, it was a personal, face-to-face experience.

Our challenge was how do we replicate the value of this face-to-face experience but still capture the spirit and essence of the company (of which they are rightly proud) and deliver it consistently to the entire business.


An online induction that delivered an authentic and accessible NG Bailey experience for all. Making employees feel welcome, enthused and engaged with the company from day one.


A self-paced eLearning programme that could track engagement, deliver checklists to validate understanding and enable access to additional resources. The programme was made-up of bite-sized, blended content which included podcasts, films, visual transitions for prompts and animation. This all served to address the emotional drivers in the employee journey – inspire, prepare and enable – and deliver a great induction experience.

``The induction looks amazing``

Head of HR Services