Spicers – 5 Star Remarkable Loop


Recycled paper. How deathly dull. Thanks for that brief Simon of Spicers. Make it exciting. Help us sell more – by the way our version is more expensive on the face of it and hard to explain. Yes, hello, this is Juice, did we mention we were busy? For the next decade?


We sighed a bit, then thought – actually, deep breath, we can and will make this work. However you need to allow us to tell the story with (what turned out to be) award-winning clarity and pictures of stick people, trees, and lorries with slightly wobbly wheels, well, that would be fine


And you did. And we did. Win. Super. (And it’s a LOT cleverer than dull recycled paper, just to be clear). A brilliantly fun animation drawn from scratch that cleverly and succinctly gets across quite how clever, and remarkable loopy, 5 Star Remarkable Loop is.

PROJECTSpicers – 5 Star Remarkable Loop

The campaign was definitely a success. If you don’t “get-it” from watching the animation, you’ll never get it!

Simon Wallis, Spicers.