As one of the leading global telecommunications companies, Vodafone is at the forefront of a future shaped by technological advances and digital transformation.

The organisation is committed to delighting customers and exceeding their expectations, but in an increasingly digital world the pace of change is a challenge to keep up with. Vodafone need their frontline staff to lead this change and feel comfortable evolving with it, however with a varying understanding of what digital really means to the future of Vodafone, alleviating the state of ‘digital anxiety’ across their staff is key. To overcome this challenge, they need to equip their front-line leaders with the skills to coach and empower their staff to become agile, adaptive and empowered.


An engaging learning programme educating Retail and Customer Operations leaders about the theories and techniques that can be used through change to nurture and motivate their teams. All designed with flexibility in mind to allow them to interact with the learning comfortably around their busy working days.

The content topics delivered in each module were identified and shaped to help Managers effectively lead through change, ranging from Resilience and Mindfulness, The Power of Storytelling, The Change Curve, and Kotter’s 8 Steps.