WATG Partnership Film


Attracting, and retaining top talent is a priority for every top business. Unusually the global architects WATG (who definitely fall into the category of ‘top’) are an employee owned business, something they rightly feel can help them with all their employee engagement activities. However, they hadn’t made the most of this ownership model, either internally or within their recruitment activities.


Over 3 days we filmed the staff in the London offices as well sending a small team to the office in Irvine, California. It was immediately apparent that the interviewees were truly passionate about their work and the company (and the offices, as perhaps you might expect, were pretty cool).


The quality of the footage, and the interviewees, were such that the brief expanded as the shoot went on, so in addition to a recruitment film we also delivered a values film and a series of soundbites for the website. Bang 4 Buck ™.

PROJECTWATG Partnership Film

'We have worked with the Juice team on a couple of occasions and their attention to detail, enthusiasm and consistently high standards have made them a pleasure to work with. The end result really brought our firm, people and culture to life.'

Ashley Fauguel, Public Relations & Social Media Manager